“Designing the whisky bottle has been a joy and really the culmination of all these years of work. FreshBritain have an incredible eye for aesthetic beauty and for detail. They are also patient, flexible and a joy to work with. I feel as a team we have reached a bottle design that is not only incredibly beautiful but also perfectly reflects the values and ethos of the distillery”
Annabel Thomas – Founder

The wait is over. Nc’nean’s first run sold out in 36 hours and the charity auction of their first 10 bottles broke the world record for the price paid for a first release from a new distillery (£41,000 for Bottle #1).

The FreshBritain designed bottle is organic, made with renewable energy and bottled in the UK’s first-ever 100% recycled clear glass bottle, a reflections of Nc’nean’s commitment to protecting the environment.

“We’ve been working with FreshBritain since 2017 and the original brand role process really laid the foundations for everything we have done since. The clarity and consistency that this process furnished us with has allowed us to communicate a clear story and design beautiful and cohesive products.”

Working closely with founder Annabel Thomas to define the brand vision, naming and visual identity, FreshBritain has been involved in the genesis of Nc’nean since 2017.

Nc’nean (pronounced Nc-knee-ann) is a great example of how a brand role can provide the foundation and inspiration to bring the brand vision to life. Based on the huntress brand role embodied by the ancient Greek goddess Artemis, this role is strongly associated with nature and the wilderness.

For the brand identity, illustrator Charlotte Day was commissioned to create botanical illustrations that formed the logo, packaging and web collateral. All flora used in the illustrations can all be found local to the distillery location on the Morvern Peninsula. The colour palette is based on the hues taken from a forest scene lit by a full moon, another reference to the huntress brand role.

Huge congratulations to Annabel and the Nc’nean team – this is just the beginning of the adventure.