“FreshBritain have brought thought, enthusiasm, consideration as well as creativity to the process. It has been a pleasure”
Caroline Groves – Shoemaker

Project Overview
Founder Caroline is a master shoemaker and creative visionary, establishing her eponymous couture footwear company in 2003. True to traditional techniques, Caroline Groves’ shoes are hand sculpted, wearable collector’s items.

Caroline Groves commissioned FreshBritain to create the vision and identity to align the brand with commercial growth objectives.

Creative Inspiration
The team based their exploration around the purist approach that Caroline takes to her work. Caroline Groves is a brand that exists on its own terms. The identity needed to represent this ethos and the dedication to the craft.

Inspired by the oil paintings of the Dutch Masters and creating a sense of privacy through the combination of rich luxury materials and shadows.

Investing in a pair of “Caroline Groves” is akin to joining a private society, forming a strong, powerful, well informed collectors with discerning taste – who do not seek attention, but know how to get it.

The Brand Identity
The Caroline Groves workdmark is a modern serif typeface that merges luxury craftmanship in a modern world, whilst the colour direction draws heavily on Caroline’s expansive back catalogue.

Art direction provides a focus on the beauty of the product and the objects used to create them. Highlighting only what is intended to be seen within the frame, everything else, is hidden.

The visual identity is designed for usage across multiple touchpoints to bring a consistency and richness to all communication.