There is a positive to come out of this crisis.

The immutable fact that we are all interdependent.

Families, friends, employees, citizens and nations all interdependently relying on one another.

During the lockdown many companies might be in hibernation but their brands needn’t be.

Brand communication can be deployed positively to create belief.

Governments communicate in facts.

But facts don’t shape behaviour.

Beliefs do.

If a brand can articulate belief it can give customers hope.

If a company can articulate belief it can give employees hope.

If leaders can articulate belief it can give citizens hope.

We learn this from history.

During the height of the American civil war

Lincoln dedicated the sacrifice of the fallen

To the redesign of the nation.

He mobilised communication to create belief and hope.

In this 1 minute film we have re-imagined his words.

To show how Lincoln might have dedicated this crisis to the redesign of the world.

A Declaration of Interdependence.