“One word – amazing”
Tony Wood – COO, Roxor Group

Project Overview
Following a strategic positioning project with bathroom manufacturer and distributor Roxor Group, FreshBritain were commissioned to complete a brand refresh on existing brand Premier Bathroom Collection.

The objective was to create a brand identity that articulated the inspiration of design inclusivity, enabling the group to maintain a strong position within the trade market while connecting with their target audience.

Creative Inspiration
The team based their research around the key principles of the International Typographic Style or commonly known as Swiss Style—clarity, simplicity and universality—and used this ethos to inform the work.

The brand identity – Exclusively designed for everyone
Welcome nuie, naming born from the brands time and place of renewal. The new brand aimed to inspire consumers with its design inclusivity. The nuie wordmark was crafted to reflect this as well as the brand’s progressive attitude within the bathroom industry.

The simplicity and inclusivity of the wordmark combined with the well-defined structure of the visual language all contribute to delivering the nuie aesthetic and message in a very precise and clear way. A visual language built on: usage of grids, negative space, a sans-serif that pays homage to the swiss style juxtaposed with a contemporary serif, alongside “objective” hero product photography;  A brand exclusively designed for everyone.

The new brand identity was fully launched in January this year and is creating standout in the bathroom industry. Delivering a visual style and brand personality different to what’s currently in the market at the moment.