“Love it!… Creatively they pushed the boundary”
Evelyn Thurner – Head of Marketing, KJUS

Project Overview
KJUS commissioned FreshBritain to create an unexpected campaign launching the new Bauhaus-inspired Fall Winter 19/20 ski collection that cements the brand position of ‘delivering uncompromising solutions’ in the ski wear industry.

“Skiing is life, fully lived, life lived in a blaze of reality”
Dolores Lachapelle – First Ski Ascent of Mount Columbia

Creative Inspiration
Building on the Bauhaus influence of shape and color informing the collection, our concept explored the relationship between vast white mountain and the vibrant clothing, culminating in the skier’s heightened senses on the mountain.

“Color does not add a pleasant quality to design, it reinforces it”
Pierre Bonnard – French Painter

The Campaign – ‘The Mountain is a Canvas’
Framing the mountain as a blank canvas, where you are the paintbrush expressing yourself with the colors of KJUS. The customer brings the color to the mountain. A digital first campaign that plays upon the visceral multi-snesual experience of skiing, explored through a vivid expression of color, texture and product detail.

The campaign unites the design & innovation credentials of KJUS and the emotional expression and connection to the mountain of the customers. Through the campaign we wanted to inspire KJUS customers to ‘Show Your Colors’ on the mountain and share their connection to the mountain over social media.

KJUS have been experts in the ski wear industry for 19 years, focusing on an uncompromising solution for active people.