A warm welcome to Ncn’ean, the world’s first fully organic Scotch whisky distillery now open on the west coast of Scotland near the Isle of Mull.

Working closely with founder Annabel Thomas to define the brand vision, naming and visual identity, FreshBritain has been involved in the genesis of Ncn’ean over a twelve-month period.

Ncn’ean (pronounced Nc-knee-ann) is a great example of how a brand role can provide strong grounding and inspiration to bring the brand vision to life.

Based on the huntress brand role embodied by the ancient Greek goddess Artemis, this role is strongly associated with nature and the wilderness.

For the brand identity, illustrator Charlotte Day was commissioned to create botanical illustrations that formed the logo, packaging and web collateral. All flora used in the illustrations can all be found local to the distillery location on the Morvern Peninsula. The colour palette is based on the hues taken from a forest scene lit by a full moon, another reference to the huntress brand role.

The first whisky from Ncn’ean is due to be released in 2020. We look forward to sharing a dram.

“FreshBritain were instrumental in the early stages of our brand development to nail down who we are. The use of brand roles to create an enduring foundation for the brand was transformational. The creative direction to bring the vision to life has produced a resonant, cohesive and premium brand.”

Annabel Thomas
Founder, Ncn’ean