Central Saint Martins (CSM) earned its place as a world leading university through its dedication to fostering the future of thinking and making. Students are challenged to define their own practice and impact on the world. And last week, we were able to be a part of that.

As the Knowledge Transfer Associate, I led an intensive 4-day workshop with BA students in the Graphic Communications course. We taught students about brand strategy and led them through the FreshBritain process of research and analysis, using one of our clients as a case study. Students began with raw qualitative data and delivered an archetype-based brand strategy that reflected the company’s core truths. We were blown away by the level of intuitive strategic thinking!

As a leader in brand strategy, FreshBritain gave the students a peek into the real world and the processes they might encounter. In an effort to shape the future of our industry, we lead the students in contemplating the purpose of a brand through rigorous questioning and exploring. 

The students embraced the challenge and were enlightened by our method and expertise. They left the Bootcamp inspired by the value of brand strategy and the potential to integrate it into their own creative work. 

Being in conversation with such inquisitive and analytical students gave the FreshBritain team another facet of interrogating our own process. We are constantly improving the way we work and this Bootcamp has given us a new perspective to consider. 

We look forward to the next opportunity to learn by teaching!

– Jordan DeVos
Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate