In February this year, the Bear Grylls Fitness centre was launched in Manchester. This innovative concept is based around an indoor training obstacle course, designed around Bear Grylls’ very own fitness regime. After a successful launch they have already opened two more venues in Derby and Croydon.

Utilising branding assets created for the core Bear Grylls re-brand last year, the Bear Grylls Fitness team have created a fully immersive brand experience that fully reflects the brand role of Guide. Bear Grylls is represented throughout the venue to provide participants with support at their time of need and to help them find the character within themselves to complete the course.

All the supporting brand materials have also been developed to be consistent with the universal brand, so that Bear Grylls Fitness can benefit from the wider brand equity of a high profile media personality.

Congratulations to all those involved at Bear Grylls Fitness and we wish you every success with your roll-out of venues across the UK.