Founded in Hong Kong in 1971, KTC were one of the earliest western companies to set up production in mainland China. By 1981 KTC had set up a joint venture in China with adidas, manufacturing apparel such as tracksuits. They progressed onto the production of premium ski-wear, most notably for the German brand Bogner, one of the most luxurious ski-wear brands in the world.

FreshBritain redefined the KTC identity and introduced the brand in print and online. KTC is now, “Knowledge, Technology and Craft” and leads the world in ‘The Art of Performance Manufacture”.


Visual language

Brand book
Fresh designed the book to position KTC at the cutting edge of performance manufacture. The essential reference for anyone wanting an introduction to the brand.


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MANUFACTURE is aimed at anyone who has a vested interest in knowledge, technology and craft – be they consumers, brands or factories. It seeks to give comprehensive coverage to a wide range of specialized brands, gaining insight into how they go about their business and discovering what makes them tick. Tapping into some of the most established names in the world of knowledge, technology and craft. Manufacture is a rare look behind the scenes of some of the best brands around.

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