James Curleigh – Brand President
“FreshBritain simplify and amplify brands”
Ravi Thakran – Chairman
“FreshBritain are rock stars”
Roddy Darcy – VP Consumer and Product Innovation
“FreshBritain: these guys are way ahead of anyone else”
Patric Matuszis – Head of Marketing and Sales
“FreshBritain helped RHEON to re-think possible”
Timo Pape – Brand Director
“The unique FreshBritain human insight driven process to storytelling allowed us to translate our corporate objectives into a Brand Vision”
Mark Maidment – CEO
"They see things you don't see, they enable you to progress"
Evelyn Turner – Head of Marketing
“Love it!... Creatively they pushed the boundary”
Matt Hyde – CEO
“FreshBritain helped develop our brand strategy and identify the heart of our brand around skills for life and belonging”
Annabel Thomas – Co-founder
“FreshBritain were instrumental in our brand development to nail down who we are”
Jurgen Erd – Head of Global Innovation
“FreshBritain find the truth within the brand”
Duko Frankhuizen – Development Manager
“It’s been a real inspiration working with FreshBritain, completely different from what I have seen elsewhere in property”
Bear Grylls – Adventurer
“We need the best in class partners, that is why we've joined with FreshBritain”
Aiden Clarke – Founding Partner
“It’s creating a set of tools that will provide a leap forward in our communications”
Michael Jacobs – Founder
“FreshBritain builds strong foundations cemented with truth”
Hervé Bertrand – Design Director
“They restructured the fundamentals of who we are and where we are going”
Gordon Baird – CEO
“What the FreshBritain team do is pretty unique”
Wayne Best – Brand Director
“FreshBritain not only met our objectives, but enhanced our brand image beyond expectation”
Dave Cullen – CEO
“Our aim with FreshBritain, is to transform the bathroom industry”
Jean-Yves Couput – Brand Director
“FreshBritain helped us to understand who we are and what our essence is as a brand”
Chips Broughton MBE – Director
“FreshBritain has seen new aspects and new angles to our business that we never even imagined existed”
Andy Towne – VP
“Do not underestimate FreshBritain's contribution”
Niclas Bornling – Head of Brand
“FreshBritain, they just get it”
Roman Stepek – CEO
“Precision Apparel is genius”
Paul Masters – CEO
“FreshBritain provided a fantastically innovative and collaborative approach”
Graham Dicken – Brand Director
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Fabio Muner – Brand Director
“I love their way of working, I love their innovative way of thinking and creating”
Laurence Joslin – Marketing Director
“FreshBritain make you frustrated – they come up with ideas that you know you should have thought of, but never did”
David Suddens – Chairman
“Without FreshBritain's help, Dr. Martens would not be in the strong position it is today”
Michael Neil – GM
“FreshBritain have a knack for dissecting the true values of a brand”
Gary Burnand – VP of Strategy
“FreshBritain have built a rare organisation – these guys are light years ahead of the pack”