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  • New Balance 1

    If someone walks into a party and announces to the room ”I’m cool” you immediately know they are the most un-cool person there. If you’re in a crowded room, it’s more often than not the quietest person that has the most presence. It’s hardly ever the loudest. It’s the person who carries themselves the most. There’s a lesson here for brands to [...]

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  • brand-immersion-featured-image

    At FreshBritain it is vital for us to get deep into the psyche of a brand. Without experiencing that first hand it can be difficult to get a genuine handle on what makes them tick. That old saying about having to walk a mile in another mans shoes before you can judge him is true here. In the case of [...]

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  • featured-image

    Beneath all of the best brands is a substance, which makes their authority in their field almost unshakeable. The thing, which gives brands substance and authority, is closely related to its truths. UVU is a great example of a brand that has a strong strand of truth, which buoys its authority and substance. Of course there is a good name, [...]

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